Partisan control determines how states act on voting rights

” ATLANTA (AP) — New York voters for years have experienced some of the longest wait times in the nation on Election Day. Attempts to fix the problem routinely became casualties of the divided politics of the state Legislature.

That dynamic changed last November, when Democrats won majorities in both legislative chambers, and it didn’t take them long to act.”


” While bills increasing voter access this year far outnumbered those seeking to impose restrictions, many of the expansion bills were put forward by Democratic lawmakers in states led by Republicans. That means they are unlikely pass.

In the 2018 elections, Democrats nearly doubled to 14 the number of states in which they control the governor’s office and both legislative chambers, but Republicans remain in charge in more states — 22.”

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A line backs up into a parking garage outside a polling site on Election Day in Atlanta. In Georgia, where claims of voter suppression in the state’s 2018 governor’s race is the basis of a federal lawsuit, Republicans have passed measures relaxing some restrictions and requiring more notification before voters are removed from registration lists. (AP Photo/David Goldman.

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