Indiana voter advocacy groups calls for safe and secure elections

Common Cause Indiana, Indiana Vote By Mail, and the League of Women Voters of Indiana sent a joint letter Tuesday to the Indiana Election Commission, praising it for beginning “to create an environment that will ensure the safety of Indiana voters, poll workers, and election staff for our primary election.”

Barb Tully, Indiana Vote By Mail

But the organizations also called on the IEC to do more to ensure that all Hoosiers will not only be able to easily and safely cast their ballots in the upcoming election, but to have confidence their vote will be counted.

Specifically, the groups urged the Commission to:

Extend access to “no-excuse” absentee voting to all voters in the general election, as well as the primary

Send all registered voters an absentee ballot by mail, with the state covering those costs (as opposed to requiring all voters to apply for an absentee ballot)

Clarify how the signature match process to verify voter identity will be done

Provide rules for the efficient counting of a significantly larger number of mail-in ballots

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