Sen. Ford: Use federal money to bolster vote-by-mail system in Indiana

I cannot be silent any longer. I see other Democrats around our country taking the issue of voting seriously and making ballot access a priority. They are putting this issue front and center. I don’t believe this is the case here in Indiana. I have been patiently waiting to no avail, so I am stepping forward. To put it bluntly, we have shoddy backroom deals being made at your expense. Please allow me to explain.

J.D. Ford, Indiana Senate District 29

I have been a Democrat all my life. I remember the stories of my grandparents, who were elected officials, instilling in me that our party isn’t afraid to speak out on difficult topics. With that being said, what happens when you have to speak out against your own party? Being involved in the party apparatus brings camaraderie, and it also brings challenges. One of those challenges is the unwritten rule that you play the game and go along with party politics. I cannot. 

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