St. Joseph County, Indiana Election Board encourages voting by mail in wake of coronavirus

Voting by mail in St Joseph County
You need to apply to vote absentee by mail.
Get the form: Print off or download the absentee ballot by mail application form the Indiana secretary of state’s website. You also can call the county clerk’s office at 574-235-9635 or the absentee voting office at 574-235-1812 to have a form mailed to you, get information on picking up a form, or any other questions.

A family member or friend can request an absentee ballot application on behalf of a loved one.

Fill it out and send it in: Fill out the form, sign it and be sure to specify whether you want a Democrat or Republican ballot, or a non-partisan public question only ballot.

You can email a completed form. Or you can mail a completed paper form to Absentee Office, 101 S. Main St., South Bend, IN 46601.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot application is April 23, but election officials are encouraging people to send requests by April 9 to better ensure everything makes it through the mail in time.

Cindy Streich, one of the county absentee voting supervisors, asks anyone sending in an application form to include a phone number for questions. The number will be kept confidential. You are asked to not lick the envelopes but rather to use an envelope sealer to help avoid the spread of germs.

Get your ballot and mail it back: Once it receives a completed application form, the county will mail a ballot within 24 hours to the address provided and will include a stamped, addressed envelope in which the ballot is to be returned. Again, you’re asked not to lick the envelope.

The deadline to return a voted ballot by mail is by noon on primary election day, May 5.Streich says ballots are to be mailed out and mailed back — no picking up or dropping off.

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