How Does Vote By Mail Work?

  • Ballots are mailed to every registered voter prior to election
  • Voter fills out ballot at home - or where convenient
  • Voter can return ballot
    •  By postal mail
    • In a secure drop box
    • At a vote center, early or on election day
  • Voters can choose to vote in person on election day at a vote center
  • Ballots are secure and trackable throughout the process

Why Vote by Mail?

  • Highly secure
  • Saves taxpayer money
  • Prevents fraud
  • Simplifies elections
  • Has 100% paper trail
  • Eliminates long voter lines
  • Creates more informed voters
  • Offers choice in how to vote


Vote by Mail: The simple voting reform that protects against voter fraud

From Colorado Public Radio

Colorado’s processes are very good at catching attempts to commit voter fraud. We are working to improve our processes and prosecute those who break the law,” Secretary of State Wayne Williams said in a statement.

Vote by Mail Saves Money in Colorado

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From Pew Charitable Trusts Study:

"Colorado Voting Reforms: Early Results"

Costs decreased by an average of 40 percent in five election administration-related categories. The 46 (of 64) counties with data available spent about $9.56 per vote in the 2014 general election, compared withnearly $16 in 2008.



Utah Election Officials Support Vote by Mail Security

From the Deseret News:

As your county and state election administrators, we want you to know that your elections are solidly secure and implement top-of-the-line processes.

We’re often asked questions about elections. The most common is, “How do you keep people from voting twice?” The process is set and clear. Every voter has a unique code assigned to them. Whether voting in person or by mail, we take your first submission. If a voter attempts to vote twice, we only count the first ballot that we process (and the voter will likely get a call from our County Attorney). There are no exceptions to this rule.


From Nebraska, "Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan"

Knox, Cedar and Dixon counties have switched to mail-only balloting for all of their elections. Cedar and Dixon counties made the change in December, while Knox County joined them last month.

The switch to mail-only for an entire county means all voters will decide races and ballot measures without setting foot inside a polling place.


"We have been working to update our voter registration lists and the addresses of voters," Fischer said. "Plus, we have forged a working relationship with the postal department."

Februrary 14, 2019

What Is Indiana Vote by Mail?

Indiana Vote by Mail legislation will provide Hoosiers the freedom to vote from their home or at a polling site. Just imagine, no more long voting lines or rushing through after-work traffic to get to a polling site by 6 pm. Indiana Vote by Mail provides protection against fraud and hacking—protections above and beyond Indiana’s current election system, and Indiana Vote by Mail will save Indiana taxpayers an estimated $4.4 million dollars.We are a non-partisan organization.

Hoosiers Love Colorado Vote By Mail

Former Hoosier Jan talks about how much she and her husband love voting by mail in Colorado.